Lace Front Open Backless Bra

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Colour True Navy
Fabric 82% Polyamide 18% Spandex



32 68-72
B 84-85
C 86-87
D 88-90
34 73-77
B 89-90
C 91-92
D 93-96
36 78-82
B 94-95
C 96-97
D 98-101
38 83-87
B 99-100
C 101-102
D 103-106
40 88-92
B 104-105
C 106-107
D 108-111
42 93-97
B 109-110
C 111-113

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Buy Underwear Lace Front Open Backless Bra, Gel Bra Adhesive Bra Cups, Bra for backless dress and other EverydayBras at … PREMIUM MATERIAL & SWEAT PROOF STICK: The self adhesive bra is made of premium medical-grade gel which includes beautiful seamless lace details hugging the mold of your breasts



Set your sights on beautiful lace and a gorgeous back, this bra is too pretty to hide. this is the best platform to buy Lace Front Open Backless Bra

•Front open
•Half coverage
•Adjustable straps
•Non-Detachable straps
•Lace at back
•82% Polyamide, 18% Spandex

Model is wearing size 32C

Your sleek little secret— the Lace Front Open Backless Bra gently adheres to skin for a no-show look. Easy to apply and remove and guaranteed to stay on securely. Lightweight, soft foam cups. Tips: Peel the braoff gently. If any silicone residue exists, use baby oil to remove. Do not remove the bra when your skin in wet

Welcome to Abracadabra Fashions, the online lingerie store that provide you will all your essential underdressing needs, form backless Bra, Invisible Bra, Nipple Covers, Silicon Bra Support three different types of backless, strapless bras for all shapes & sizes

Our collection allows women to wear their favorite fashions with style, ease and comfort. They have been regarded by many as “best kept secrets” and must-have for your wardrobe, some of the range includes backless Bra, Invisible Bra, Nipple Covers, Silicon Bra Support They give woman the confidence and poise to step out in style! Must-have for special occasions such as school balls, weddings, parties or any events!

Compared to other invisible silicone or backless bras on the market, we only use very high quality natural medical grade silicone gel. We have strict quality control right from the material sourcing to the finished products on the shelf.


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