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Buy Lingerie Online India

Lingerie is a term that is used for undergarments which are erotic and fashionable. Lingerie is totally different from other undergarments. Sexy Lingerie made of cotton, silk, lace, satin, polyester, nylon, and Lycra. This is completely safe for your skin.


Different Types of sexy lingerie dress are available like a corset, babydoll, camisole, bodysuit, garter belt, playful romper, sexy stocking, teddy etc.


Babydoll Dress Online India:

Babydoll is one type of underwear, which is made on nylon, polyester,  cotton, silk, satin. It is intended nightwear for women. Usually, It’s the length between the belly button and upper high. Babydoll is available a wide variety of style.


Corset Dress Online India:

A corset magically reduces your waist size. A corset is used to fasten it intact enhances your hourglass figure further if you have one. Corset has been worn to achieve straight up and down set.


Camisole Dress Online India:

A fully laced camisole with a matching panty makes an impressive set. It can be worn under your shirt when you go out, or tease your partner in the night. Camisole made of polyester, satin, nylon.


Teddy Dress Online India:

Teddy is really a fine and panty, but more similar to a bathing suit. You are able to receive these in two piece and distinct fabrics such as lace, satin, lycra, leather, etc. When you are going to bed, teddy is most underwear dress fo you.

Sexy stocking Dress Online India:

Garter belt: It seems great to dress In lingerie even if you are not revealing out garter belt.

A garter belt is made on polyester.

Online Lingerie store In India

We are one of the best online Lingerie shops in all over India. Our products made of pure body safe material like polyester, nylon, satin, cotton.