About Us


At The Lingerie World, we offer maximum assortment of styles, sizes and colors and claim to be the biggest women inner wear Destination in Pakistan. The Lingerie World is designed to be woman’s best friend, to believe this, you need to experience it. Since women couldn’t find any at home in Pakistan and especially not online! So we decided to bring the lingerie world to them. ALL of it.

At the Lingerie World, our first priority is the customer. Because you can be wearing Western clothes or Eastern clothes, a tank top or an abaya, one fact remains the same: every woman needs great inner wear. You deserve it. Great lingerie, unfortunately, is not the one same good bra you call your favourite. Just like all women are different, so are there lingerie needs.

Premium fabrics & lace undergarments with a luxurious look & feel. They're like a second skin, because the first thing you put on every morning should be the last thing you have to think about.
We have high quality Lace lingerie's & Silk lingerie's in a wide range of options to suit Your unique style and size. From bralettes to full-support bras, we create styles for every body.


We empower women to embrace their uniqueness. We understand that every woman has a unique style and body type and we celebrate that by delivering lingerie styles with a perfect fit for every body.
we’ve got all the undergarments products you could ever need. From occasional wear like push up bra, padded bra, double padded bra, plunge bra, strapless bra to a everyday wear like non padded bra, bralette, non wired bra, lace bra, minimizer bra, we’ll never let you down.